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The Equipment We Use

Our Photo Booth

Our DJ Set Up

Our primary sound system is comprised of:

2 Mackie 1300 watt powered 15 inch speakers

2 Mackie 1200 watt powered 18 inch subs

Numark Controller

Mackie mixer

Wireless or corded mics

Also available are 2 Mackie 1300 watt 12 inch speakers if additional coverage is needed

or as back up system in case of technical issues

Our Lighting consists of:

Black crank up lighting truss (10 ft wide by 11 ft high)

2 ADJ Boombox FX2 multi effect units

4 ADJ Mega Flat Par plus

2 ADJ Stinger moving head lights

2 Chauvet Insignia 2.0 scanners

Fog machine if desired and/or allowed by venue